Why “Plant Stem Cell” Skin Care Products Are A Marketing Scam

Recently it has become trendy in the personal care industry to tout products that contain “plant stem cells” which are claimed to confer miracle benefits. This is mostly fraudulent advertising in both claims and composition, and with this article I will explain exactly why. Continue reading

Do You Trust The Companies With Whom You Do Business? Should You?

To some people this may seem like an unusual question to ask. But I think it is one of the most pertinent questions a person can ask today. Let's dig into some reasons why you may want to consider this question. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Ideas for the “Health Freak” in Your Life

Health freaks are tough to shop for. You try real hard, and get them that delicious pie that you know they are just dying inside to taste. Then you go out of your way to decorate it with more deliciousness, and make it look even more desirable, Continue reading

Why the Long Term Harm of Chemical Peels and Sugar Scrubs Outweigh The Short Term Benefits

One of the popular trends in skin care today is sugar-containing skin scrubs, and we get asked about them regularly. However there are some good reasons why you may want to reconsider the use of such products. Continue reading

Doctors Agree: It’s Time for Tighter Regulation of Personal Care Products

Editor's Note: This republished article supports our position that the incidence of adverse reactions to personal care products in the US is much higher than is generally recognized. We at Nature's Complement tend to prefer education and market-based solutions over heavy handed regulation to solve problems like this, since such regulations tend to have unintended consequences that disadvantage both consumers and small business producers alike. However, with the failure of competence and/or ethics of many companies in the personal care industry, more Continue reading

Tober’s Traditions Is Now Nature’s Complement!

Welcome to the new web site! The transition from "Tober's Traditions" to "Nature's Complement" is almost complete. The Tober's Traditions site will no longer be updated, so for new articles on health and personal care products, make sure to bookmark the new site. The Tober's Traditions domain will be maintained, however for your convenience it will automatically redirect to Nature's Complement. We still have all of the same great products, the same great customer service, and the same integrity to back it all up. Continue reading