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Our Products Have Been Reviewed By Good Guide!

Good Guide is a consumer product rating company. Their scientists review ingredients and rate thousands of products – including many personal care or body care products – for safety. They recently rated our L’Crème anti-wrinkle cream, our La Rosè lotion, and our Nothing Fancy deodorant. Our products scored perfect “10s” across the board for product safety. You can see for yourself in the links below (note that the testing was done during our prior brand name):

The L’Crème anti-wrinkle cream perfect score:

L’Crème 1oz review.

L’Crème 2oz review.

The La Rosè lotion perfect score:

La Rosè 2oz dispenser review.

La Rosè 4oz dispenser review.

La Rosè 3.75 lotion pump review.

The Nothing Fancy deodorant perfect score:

Nothing Fancy Tea Tree summer formula review.

Nothing Fancy Tea Tree winter formula review.


The goal of Nature’s Complement is to produce not only effective products, but also safe products. We are proud to see that our mission is recognized by other scientists.


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