Book Review Write Your Book In A Flash by Dan Janal

My time for reading books is unfortunately limited, so I don’t like wasting that precious limited time on mediocre books. And in the case of reading this book, it was time well spent. I don’t usually read books in a single day, but I did with this one. This is a very “get to the point” kind of book that does not take long to get through, yet it provides a lot of “bang for your buck” in terms of useful advice.

Book review Write Your Book in a Flash: The Paint-by-Numbers System to Write the Book of Your Dreams—FAST! Also available directly from TCK Publishing.

Having worked in diverse fields of biotech, pharma (R&D and toxicology), health care, fitness, and the personal care product industry, my knowledge and experience have had me aching with some very crucial things to say about topics related to health, things that people not only have a right to know, but need to know. To that end I am working on a book related to some of these topics. So it was timely when I was offered a copy of Write Your Book in a Flash for review. I figured I might be able to pick up tips on how to become more efficient or effective at writing, and it turns out that was exactly the case.

Since I have done a lot of writing in my career, and I have ghost written a book once before, the topic of writing is not new to me, yet many ideas in this book were new and useful to me.

If you are new to writing, then this book is a must read for you. And if you are an experienced author, you will likely still find something useful in this book to help you become a more productive or prolific, and effective writer.

Some ideas that I found useful in the book include:

•How to develop a plan (or structure) and an outline for your book
•How to keep marketing strategy in mind as you develop and write the book
•How to get and use testimonials for your book
•How to manage your writing time to be more efficient
•How to capture creative ideas before you forget them
•How to get feedback on drafts before sending to the publisher (beta readers)
•Developing a mission with your book will keep you motivated
•How to incorporate storytelling to maintain reader interest
•How to use visuals (images, cartoons, infographics) to maintain reader interest
•Learn how to spot holes in your writing that may need more research
•Learn about your writing style personality
•Learn how to use other books to make yours better
•Learn how to use your book to get other people to work with you (possibly my favorite part)

I don’t want to spoil the book by giving away the authors hard work, because I do certainly recommend this book. However, while this book is superficially targeted at aspiring authors, I think that anyone who has to do a substantial amount of professional writing in their career could benefit from at least some of the tips in this book. If nothing else, this book will help you write more efficiently and effectively, which are things that most people (who need to write professionally) could benefit from.

The only complaint I have about this book is that it spends too much space at the beginning with excessive testimonials and an excessive amount of author credentials. This made it difficult for me to get through the beginning of the book, and actually made me procrastinate about reading the rest of it. But once you get through that, it is quite good. So you might consider just skipping over the first ten or eleven pages.

Well organized and efficient itself, straight to the point about the things you need to know to help your writing career. A must read for any aspiring and experienced writer. A copy to keep near by for when you get lost in your writing and need to get back on track.

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