Why You Don’t Want An Insect Repellent That KILLS Bugs

Natural ecosystems should be, and can be, our friend. We need bees, ants and other pollinators to pollinate our food such as fruits and vegetables; we also need them to pollinate our flowers. We even have insects that eat our decaying matter, including some not so pleasant Continue reading

Our Cool Velvet Aftershave Is Here – And How It Came To Be

Have you ever walked into a room full of people, or had someone walk by you, and the smell of cologne and/or perfume was so overwhelming it made you choke? I recently had a not so pleasant experience along this line while traveling. Continue reading

Cleanse Laundry Soap Concentrate Refill Now Available!

Most people have had moments of insight of either the "aha!" or the "doh!" kind. I had one of those moments while I was developing our new laundry soap. I must admit, I struggled a bit initially trying to figure out how I'm going to manage the cost of shipping a gallon of laundry soap at a time, Continue reading

Cleanse Dish Soap Is Now Available!

Our new dish soap does a wonderful job of cleaning dishes while being completely safe and natural. Available in two scents: Spring Citrus and Summer Tea. Initially we will be offering 16oz bottles, but if there is sufficient demand we will also offer 32oz refill bottles. Continue reading

Eating Healthy On The Run, Or Just On A Busy Schedule

I travel a lot, sometimes more than I would like. I travel both by plane and car, and to areas where grocery stores are nowhere to be found. Which means I often can't find my personal choices of organic foods, and I refuse to compromise on my health. Continue reading

Environmental Working Group (EWG) Validates Our Shield Sunscreen As A Leader in Safety & Efficacy

We have long supported the mission of the EWG to educate the public about the health hazards of many personal care product ingredients, and how to choose products that contain only safe ingredients. So we are happy to report (though not surprised) that Continue reading