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Why Your Pet Needs An All Natural Soap Too

What’s the first thing your dog or cat does after a bath? Mine lick themselves clean! Yep, all those chemicals used in pet cleaning products go straight into your pets mouth. Lovely huh? I must be honest, sometimes my dogs eat healthier than I, their bed is bigger than mine, relative to their body size, and they don’t work half as hard as I do. Actually, I’m pretty sure all they do is eat, play, and the other thing dogs do. So with all the spoils in life, did I really have to make them a pet soap?

Yes, it was needed, so I did so. Just as my dogs are offered the healthiest food I can find, the most comfortable doggy bed, they now have an all natural soap, so natural that I would even use it on myself.

Fortunately, I don’t have to suffer the task of giving my dogs a bath often, but sometimes, it is just necessary. Pets are pets, and do what pets do best, which often gets them very dirty.

Now, I know no one will believe me, but one of my dogs doesn’t mind baths at all. How do I know this? Because when it’s time for a bath, he just jumps right into the tub, no coaxing, no begging, no treats, just jumps right in. But while that behavior may be unusual, his other behavior of licking himself clean after a bath is on par with all other pets I’ve met and known.

The problem here is that the standards for pet care products are weaker than those for human products (and the standards for human products aren’t very robust to begin with). So, often products labeled for pets are sub-par because manufacturers want to reduce costs of raw ingredients, packaging, and increase the use of unhealthy chemicals so that the products work extra well and can sit on a shelf for a long time. Seems because something is labeled for pet use only, it is not scrutinized as much as products for people – but they should be!

Think about it: not only will your pet put this product right into their body as they are licking themselves clean, but you too are exposing yourself to that product, whether you are using your hands to wash your pet, or just inhaling the scent, or getting a second bath while your dog shakes off the water you just rinsed them with. Those ingredients get on your skin too.

Pet products often have unnecessary and potentially harmful added fragrances, stabilizers, and preservatives that you wouldn’t normally use on yourself. Yet you are using them whenever you are using this product on your pet. If you take your pet to the groomers, you are not exposing yourself as much, but you’re still exposing your pet to lots of unknowns, especially since most folks don’t ask their pet groomer what products they use and what’s in them. Many times the groomers don’t even know what ingredients are in the products they use. Your pet brings these chemicals home on their fur/skin, and you are exposed too as you pet them, let them on your furniture, or those who let their pets sleep in their beds.

Some of the chemicals found in pet products can have devastating effects. Just because pets have fur, doesn’t make them immune to skin conditions, endocrine disruptors, and even cancer causing chemicals. The only difference is, when your pet is ill, they don’t understand why they have to go to the vet so much, or why they have to endure certain medications. Pets also can’t tell you that something is wrong, so if our pets get sick, it requires attentiveness on our part to identify the problem, hopefully before it is too late.

That’s why it was important for me to develop an all natural soap that was not just safe enough for my pets, but for me. And there you have it, my Furball pet soap is all natural, unscented, and safe. My confidence in my pet soap is so high, I would use it on myself.It is still real soap, and real soap can cause eye irritation, so keep away from your pets eyes. But otherwise, get your pet in the tub, get ’em wet, lather with your safe all natural pet soap, rinse, dry, and done.


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