Tips and Tricks on Keeping Your New Years Resolution of Eating Healthier

(and saving money at the same time)

With another year behind us, and the years do seem to go by faster and faster, many of us have made new years resolutions to eat better and exercise. It is a very common new years resolution, but unfortunately, not very well kept.

I hope if you chose to resolve to eat healthier and better, that you not only keep your resolution, but also make it a lifestyle. So here are some tips and tricks to help you with that.

Carry snacks such as Organic Raw Nut and Berry Superfoods Snack Trail Mix that includes things like walnuts. They will help to make you feel full, and constantly having healthy snacks on you will allow you to eat those rather than succumbing to the convenience of buying something on the run. As someone who travels a lot, I can tell you that finding healthy options is a challenge. Carrying your own snacks will make your life simpler, will allow you to make healthier eating choices, and will save you money.

Fresh food is not convenient to carry with you? Carry healthy food/protein bars so that when you’re tempted you can just whip out a food bar and eat that instead. Some good brands I found are Quest, and 18 Rabbits, and I’m sure there are many others out there. We also recently discovered Wild Zora brand, they offer meat/veggie bars with nothing bad in them. You can find some of our favorites for sale here.

Eat more vegetables to feel fuller – require yourself to eat a serving of veggies (carrots, tomatoes, spinach, whatever) before indulging in other meals. If you fill up on veggies, then wait about a half hour, you won’t be as hungry to eat the less healthy foods. Better yet, make vegetables the biggest serving on your plate.

Similarly, eat healthy protein with every meal, as this will also make you feel more full. Make sure to eat both protein and vegetables before you go on to any other parts of the meal. Healthy protein choices include, whey, casein, chicken, eggs, and wild caught salmon, among others.

Eat fruit for dessert instead of sugary foods. Fresh fruit such as strawberries, cherries, blueberries and many others, have amazing flavor that has been long covered up with sugar. Try fresh fruit and taste what real food tastes like.

Snack throughout the day with healthy snacks such as nuts, veggies, or fruit. All natural jerky can be nutritious and convenient as well. Snacking through out the day will help you feel full and keep you from eating larger amounts during meal periods.

Reward yourself for not buying fast food – put the money you would have spent on fast food into a jar, (or deduct it from your bank account as if you really spent it) and reward yourself with something nice at the end of the month.

Mix your fruit juices (if you consume any) with half water to get less carbohydrates and sugar, and increase your water intake. Start with 3/4 juice and ¼ water, then work your way to half juice and half water. Make sure your fruit juice is made from 100% fruit with no sugar, natural flavors, or sweeteners added.

If you’re really craving unhealthy food like cookies, donuts, or an egg McMuffin, only have it if you make it yourself from scratch. This will allow you to control how much unhealthy ingredients you add to your recipes, such as how much sugar you add to your cake. I found that with most recipes, even cutting the sugar in half is still too sweet for me. Plus home made always tastes better, you don’t have added preservatives, and you can choose organic ingredients if you want. Can you imagine? An organic egg McMuffin? Sounds yummy.

Skip the delivery and make your own homemade pizza full of vegetables, reduced cheese, and home made crust. No time to make your own crust? You can buy frozen pizza crusts that all you have to add is your toppings, they even have pizza crusts made from cauliflower! Top off with quality fresh ingredients that will make you want to make your own more often.

Skip going out, have a movie night at home, make your own popcorn from scratch using coconut oil (gives it that delicious old style movie theater flavor), spice it up with jalapeños in the oil. Yum! Not only will you have a healthier snack, but save lots of money by skipping the hydrogenated junk food in the theater. I don’t know what it is they put on their popcorn, but that ain’t butter. Plus you can share with the whole family, and save money by not dolling out large amounts of money on movie tickets.

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Make a rule to always read ingredients, and if you don’t know what one is, don’t buy the product.

Eat large amounts of vegetables and nuts before going to a holiday party or birthday event. This will help you feel full and will reduce temptation.

Avoid your work lunch room if food is abundant there. Find a nice spot elsewhere to enjoy your home made lunch. Eat your lunch in your car while listening to music if you have to.

If all else fails, just say “no thank you”.

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