P&G Recalls Antiperspirant Sprays After Cancer-Causing Chemical Found

As we have been warning about for years, personal care/body care products produced by many large companies contain compounds that are hazardous to your health – including containing cancer causing agents. This recent recall by P&G of many of their aerosol deodorants is just the latest example of why you cannot trust your health to these large companies.

In this particular case, many P&G aerosol products have been found to contain benzene, which is a carcinogen. The particular products included in the recall are “The consumer-products giant’s recall affects 18 kinds of deodorant, including Old Spice’s Hardest Working and Below Deck collections, as well as select Secret Fresh, Outlast and Powder Fresh lines.”

For more information you can read this NY Post article.

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Maybe more people will finally start switching to truly safe and healthy all natural body care / personal care products.

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