Do You Really Need A Sunscreen?

If you look at any commercial sunscreens you will see a lot of disclaimers, including that sunscreen does not prevent cancer, and the best approach to protect skin is to avoid the sun by wearing appropriate clothing. That may all be true, but that is not always practical, and that is not the whole story. Here is the rest of the story. So, do you really need a sunscreen? The answer is: Continue reading

What It Takes to Bring A Quality Product to Market, From Development to Store Shelf

And why I don't share my formulas. I often get asked for my product formula recipes, and sometimes I get asked how long it takes me to develop one of my creams. The first question I cannot answer, for reasons explained below. The second question took me some time to really evaluate and figure out how long it actually does take me to develop my creams. You see, there's a difference between following a recipe in a cook book and making Continue reading

Understanding Oils & Fats For Health And Beauty

Why would you want to learn more about some of the ingredients that go into all natural personal care products? Why would you want to have more of a background about fatty acids and lipids in nutrition and every day life? Simple. Understanding the basics of the different types of fatty acids (oils and fats) will allow a person to make healthier choices in both their skin care and nutritional needs. Continue reading

Our Products Have Been Reviewed By Good Guide!

Good Guide is a consumer product rating company. Their scientists review ingredients and rate thousands of products - including many personal care or body care products - for safety. They recently rated our L’Crème anti-wrinkle cream, our La Rosè lotion, and our Nothing Fancy deodorant. Our products scored perfect "10s" across the board for product safety. You can see for yourself in the links below (note that the testing was done during our prior brand name): Continue reading

What the Tongue Doesn’t Know, the Nose Tastes

I always find it interesting when I'm at at an event, showcasing my product line, how one of the first things folks do, is pick up one of my jars of cream, and take in a whiff to enjoy whatever scent I have to offer them. At first people were sometimes disappointed, as most of my products are unscented. Continue reading

The Price you Pay for Consistency

What You Don't Know About Beeswax Processing, But Really Ought To When I first started formulating my first personal care products, I started with face creams. After a few trials and errors, I was stunned. The feel of the all natural, preservative free, chemical free cream on my face was amazing. I was sad I started with such a small batch, and I immediately made Continue reading